Embroidery: New threads

For me, rummaging in a tucked away craft shop* in Saffron Walden brings nothing but pure joy. I bought these threads back in Summer 2015 when husband and I were able to take a rare trip away together. They have since stayed forgotten until this afternoon when I discovered them at the bottom of a sewing box like a bag of sumptuous little sweeties.


The anchor threads are gloriously silky. Shade 186 in the foreground is a particular favourite of mine and throws ideas at me in all its aquamarine glory. I have all kinds of designs just jumping out of the bag from these colours. There is something incredibly satisfying about a collection of new threads. I am not so secretly obsessed with collecting them and think that they will feature quite highly on my list to Santa this year, along with a new box for my threads and a few antique wooden hoops (if you’re listening Santa).

I love love love shade 939, a wonderful periwinkle blue. This one will be saved for something very special.


I found these beauties closer to home in a jolly busy shop called Needlecraft, they were in the bargain bin so I felt suitably justified to buy more than I needed. We are lucky in Hertfordshire to have access to quite a few haberdashery places and embroidery being a super cheap craft means I can go wild in store and online! Love it. These colours are just divine and made the most wonderful sand beetle which I cobbled together just because I wanted to see the colours together.


As a heads up, every thread I buy I wind on to a peg. I find them really easy to work with like it. I stole the idea from Pinterest and never looked back. I will continue to bore you with photos of my thread collection. So to the pegs I go with my new goodies.


Oh and I should probably post about something I am actually working on! Right now it is this little beauty which I am putting here in black and white to keep the colours a surprise because they are just divine. Unlike my knuckles which I get from my dad, good sturdy engineering knuckles, not that picturesque but top trump with a needle and thread.


*Sorry I can’t remember which shop in Saffron Walden but there are  many…so go along and take a look!


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