Embroidery: Knotted ends and old loves

This weekend my Mum gave me a surprise present; a huge bag of embroidery threads. It is truly exciting! I have been dutifully winding them on to my pegs and will post a photo up soon of the beautiful rainbow that they are. The downside to the bumper bag of goodies is that one or two are hideously knotted or (shock horror) contain a join! So winding is slow progress. I hope to have them finished by Christmas.

I was reminded today of how fragile life can be and the memories that an item can conjure up. I once embroidered a bookmark for a very dear old lady who is now no longer with us. I hope that bookmark brought her some joy when she used it. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it but here is a picture I made for my little girl’s bedroom wall which contains a similar image. Buzzy bees, possibly my favourite thing to embroider. 

The dear old lady often told me when I visited (and my two year old daughter when she came too) that we should ‘Do what we like… You just do whatever you like.’ She was right of course, we must always do what we like and enjoy all we have.

I am so excited to get stuck in to my new threads, I would like to have another go at a single coloured design on a bright cotton. Similar to this project I started in the summer.

The butterfly I featured last post is still taking shape. More to follow! Sorry not a huge amount to show this week. But plenty in the pipeline! We went to visit my parents in Devon and husband and I made it out for a rare (more than rare… extinct!) date night. It was tremendously fun and we had a good recharge.

My super lovely and handy Dad knocked me up a lightbox too so I will be tracing some new designs. Oh and I inherited an old ‘Granny’ Singer hand sewing machine and conversely an overlocker this week too, so I have been immersed in some crazy stitching worlds and must now get back to the embroidery.


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