Embroidery: Mistle-sew and twine

Christmas is coming! With my very excited three year old in the house I just know that this year is going to be a gloriously festive one!

We bought our much loved little twiggy tree today and in amongst stringing up the lights and placing the Nutcracker soldier (or shoulder as my daughter calls them!) I have found time to do a little embroidery.

These are two little pieces I have started to make into tiny stockings for a bedroom fireplace. I am really pleased with how these have turned out. The photos are a tad dark but that is candlelit sewing for you! I tend to do my designs straight on to cloth in pencil. (Very uncouth but works for me!)

I have been having a bash at some goldwork too. Using the colours to make light and shade have been so interesting, still a long way to go on this one as I want it to be quite full. Will post again on this one.
A short one today as the geese are getting fat, the partridges are in the pear trees, the nativity angel costumes are calling and I am busy! But I will be back in the New Year hopefully with more fresh and fun things for 2017.


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