Embroidery: The bunny blog

I have had so much fun this week stitching my hoopart ‘Bunny in the dandelions.’ This is one of the first craft projects I have finished in a while so it has given me good momentum to do more sewing in my free time.

I have also discovered Instagram and am finding it fab for voyeuring on other people’s embroidery. There is a lot of eye candy for stitchers on there. So much lovely work to drool over. Including one or two by me now too! #sewpopby

The story of my bunny began with a chance glimpse of an actual wild cottontail bunny. I thought it would be a challenge to try and recreate the fur in stitches. Especially the ticking, not sure if I got it quite right this time but I had fun trying and pleased with this as a first try.

I took a photo from the internet and traced the outline.

I then started adding stitches in to create the fur.

I am always amazed how many different colours go into making up embroidery art. This little bunny used around twenty shades!

My daughter helped me choose the colours to create the foliage and flowers. She had some pretty awesome ideas! Especially when she told me bunny needed the sky. I think the blue really added something!

Many cups of tea, nuts, M&Ms and several baby nap stitch sessions later…

Ready for framing and popping in my littlest one’s bedroom.

Bunny in the dandelions hoopart embroidery #sewpopby

This hoopart used a 4inch hoop, and single strands of cotton. Stitches featured are satin stitch, chain stitch and French knots. And Sew Pop By freestyle of course.

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Embroidery: A wound up

A few simple and good things have happened this week. For one I have finally made great headway on winding my threads.

I have to say that I am more than a little excited by the rainbow of colours now available in my sewing box! No excuses now not to actually sew. (Eek). Here is a wonderful if a little shadowy picture (sorry rubbish cloudy day for light today!)

Today’s main work in progress is this little chap who I am getting all stitched up for Easter. I found a photo of a bunny on the net, traced the outline and then just started stitching trying to follow the natural colouring. Making things seem almost real in satinwork is a big mission of mine but I am only a beginner so its a fun ride learning at the moment.

I am hopeful he will be finished in time for my next post as I am enjoying this one and been quite selfish about doing only this one. But that has meant that other projects have taken a back seat, but not forgotten!

I had a go at embroidery for jewellery recently too.

Here it is in the bottom of my project bag. I was attempting an aztec design, it is more finished than this and ready to attach a chain but I have lost the photo. Will post again!

I will sign off with some thread winding photos.It was a very long and winding road…. with many knots along the way. But I did it, with only twenty duplicate colours left ‘cos I ran out of pegs largely.


Embroidery: February fancy fun

It has been far too long since my last post, which I realise now was my Christmas stockings. Goodness!

It is half term so my eldest daughter is off of school and climbing the walls! Not much embroidery going on sadly, but time at last to blog.

In January I finished my bird and foliage on plain white cotton. I really enjoyed this line piece, I just kept working in new shapes and subtle shades. I could have kept going on this for longer and may well go back to it.

The goldwork I began last year is still taking shape, I need this to be more decadent so much more time needed on this one!

I started a hoop art last week to see how it turns out, with the view to creating a template for a miniature flower and bee. This could work for a workshop or just templating. The colours are inspired by Spring, or desire for it. I adore turquoise, pinks and peaches together. Especially for little girls’ pieces.

I bought a 12 inch hoop to start a gift for a friend. Its needed in the Summer but I will need all that time. This hoop is humungous!! I am thinking line work with satin stitch shapes, not sure just yet but still thinking. Must think quickly.

Here’s my needlecase I finished too. So happy with this. It took a mere afternoon (without children around I hasten to add!).

Back to life, more sewing, need to plan workshops. Busy buzzy bees.