Embroidery: A wound up

A few simple and good things have happened this week. For one I have finally made great headway on winding my threads.

I have to say that I am more than a little excited by the rainbow of colours now available in my sewing box! No excuses now not to actually sew. (Eek). Here is a wonderful if a little shadowy picture (sorry rubbish cloudy day for light today!)

Today’s main work in progress is this little chap who I am getting all stitched up for Easter. I found a photo of a bunny on the net, traced the outline and then just started stitching trying to follow the natural colouring. Making things seem almost real in satinwork is a big mission of mine but I am only a beginner so its a fun ride learning at the moment.

I am hopeful he will be finished in time for my next post as I am enjoying this one and been quite selfish about doing only this one. But that has meant that other projects have taken a back seat, but not forgotten!

I had a go at embroidery for jewellery recently too.

Here it is in the bottom of my project bag. I was attempting an aztec design, it is more finished than this and ready to attach a chain but I have lost the photo. Will post again!

I will sign off with some thread winding photos.It was a very long and winding road…. with many knots along the way. But I did it, with only twenty duplicate colours left ‘cos I ran out of pegs largely.


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