Fancy butterflies

Today I thought I would post up a little update on some butterfly embroidery I am working on. I am hoping to be able to create a ‘taxidermy’ of butterflies in stitch.

Up until now I have been incredibly tardy on the posting! My eldest daughter finished pre-school for the summer holidays for what seems like weeks already but has actually only been 10 days. If I survive the summer with one highly energised three year old and a one year old intent on sneaky mischief, I will return to more regular posting in the Autumn. Promise.
Here’s my handsome little Peacock chap, soon to be joined by his fluttery friends. 

As previously mentioned due to said miniature beasts of summer holiday harassment stitching is on an all time go slow but it has been a good time to make plans. 

I am signed up to a couple of craft fairs before Christmas, so I have been slaving away at ideas. As a newbie to such things I am debating whether to go for a few of the same or several different crafted wares. And indeed whether to keep true to my style or bow to commercialism and make some quick sellers. I think it will depend on how desperate for cash I get in November! Meanwhile I will keep true to style and stitch up some lovelies and keep you posted.

Here’s Mr Butterfly one more time as he is my only WIP and also I think rather splendid.

I have also started on a couple more secret gifts. One involves embroidering a face! Yes my first ever! Will see how it goes but so far have had a few restarts.

Sewing aside I must confess I have dallied with another creative hobby and feel a tad like I have been having an affair as I have picked up my old pastime of writing. My novel has been in progress for nearly twenty years and is 250 pages long. So I think it deserves to be finished once and for all, it’s irritating me. So I am on a mission with that in my non-existent spare time. I could really do with that third arm right now!

Oh and my Sew Pop By business cards arrived. I love them and they are super snazzy for popping in with my makes.

Common Blue here I come! (In between papier mache cacti, Stickle Brick towers and yoghurt splatter fun). 


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