Getting stitchy at a Christmas Craft Fair

Sew Pop By Christmas Craft Fair 2017 1Firstly, I must apologise for being absent for far longer than I intended. I do however have a good reason for this, I hope! I have written my first book and had it published, so the last few months I have been using up every bit of spare time finishing it. I am just going to unashamedly plug it now, it’s called Beyond Kin and available on Amazon. If you like Jane Eyre, you may like to give it a go as that was one of the books that inspired me to write it.

Now moving swiftly on from embroidery digression…

I attended my first Craft Fair last week, it was, I am surprised to say, quite a success! The mulled wine was flowing and everyone was suitably jolly and I actually made some money! It was great to get my work out and about locally, although I must say it was HARD work getting ready for it. I doubled up on most things I made so I could have an Etsy stash… please have a look as I have added some hoop arts and other bits for sale.

Sew Pop By Christmas Craft Fair 2017 3

So besides my book being an excuse I also completed around fifteen new hoop arts, twelve Christmas sacks, three pairs of embroidered baby booties, twenty felt Christmas decorations and became a plump partridge in a pear tree as this was all fuelled by cake largely. I am now on a diet before Christmas ready to get caked up again December 20th onwards!

I only had a teeny weeny table at the fair, and my husband muscled in with his handmade belts. (Which his Instagram page does not show in their full glory as they sold spectacularly well and he was pretty smug all weekend, but they are amazing check them out.) So in light of tiny table, I kept some stock under the table and rotated it. I had made double of some hoops as planned to list all my excess on Etsy and it has worked out well as I have been desperate to have enough for Etsy for a while now.

Sew Pop By Embroidered Hoop Art Bee Happy 7 inch.JPG

The Bee Happy hoop art was popular, I think people like an uplifting slogan on things. I wasn’t entirely happy with the finish on this one as the fabric went quite thin, but I think I am nit-picking.

I sold the emerald butterfly from over on my Instagram page, which was sad as I loved him but he went to a loving home. You can take a look at a recent hoop art dinosaur I made for a friend’s new baby too.

It’s all gone a bit hoop art crazy right now, both for me and I think generally in the world of embroidery. It is not really my favourite thing to do, as I prefer making things from embroidery or doing framed art. But for the moment I will jump on the hoop art band wagon as there are many possibilities and people love them! Maybe you do too?

My WIP is a present for another new baby which is actually almost made, and about to go in the post. I also have three projects to get going on for Christmas.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Hoop arts make great gifts ;-P … so do smashing little historical fiction reads… like this one. See you next time.





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