Welcome to Sew Pop By

My name is Elizabeth and I live in a delightful town in Hertfordshire only a skip and a hop away from the big smoke. I have a wonderful little family and I hope one day my two children will be stitching by my side. And high five to my husband who is an ace thread winder! As a full-time Mum my embroidery gives me some recharge time.

I started this blog to keep a journal of my fancywork bits and bobs. I am a bit of a one trick pony as I tend to keep to satin stitch hand embroidery. I just love love love the possibilities with satin work. Things become almost real.

That’s not to say I won’t branch out into other stitches… so be warned. I am very much a volatile stitcher! I may offend some professionals here too as I don’t stick to any format, freestyle is my thing.

Before I forget, I should shout out to Helen M. Stevens who ran the first embroidery class I attended and inspired the work in the header picture I used for this site. (It’s one of her designs and I heart it). I may name drop other inspirational crafty folk and places along the way so look out for that, apologies if I forget to add links any time. Please Google them to find out more.

Aside from this one by Helen and a couple of others I tend to create my own designs and rarely work with kits, I just like to do my own thing and see how it goes. I embroider to relax and let my creativity run away with me and I find kits don’t always allow this.

I am by no means an expert, more a novice in comparison to many but I really enjoy my embroidery and hope you will too.

Oh and I will run some workshops somewhere down the line but I should probably walk before I run…

Sewpopby Elizabeth

Find #sewpopby on Instagram and Twitter.


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